The Natural Hot Tub Company
Better for You, Your Spa & Our Environment!™
'Helping People & Our Environment One Hot Tub at a Time'
*The Natural Hot Tub Company is very aware of the environment and are totally committed to Eco-friendly practices. from their products to their packaging (100% PCR bottles) to their water soluble (corn-starch) peanuts. We are not just selling a product but a 'method' for customers to use their spas without soaking in harsh chemicals or polluting our environment! 
*Natural Hot Tub Company enzymes were approved by OSHA in 1987 to be 100% safe. The enzymes are harvested without harm to the eco-system.  The bottles are rated #1 easiest to recycle, and their labels are Earth-First™.  The cartons and other packaging is also recycled or recyclable.  Also when the Water Treatment & Conditioner is used with only Spa Chlorine Granules (99% Sodium Dichlor), which may be gassed out before draining, and tested to be sure, the spa water should do no harm to the ground water system.
The luxurious Eco-Friendly Water Treatment & Conditioner uses the natural power of enzymes to clean and soften spa water.
Leaves skin silky-smooth with no chemical odors!
Spend less time balancing - more time enjoying!
No more itching, rashes or red eyes!
A natural solution for sensitive skin!
Save up to 50% yearly compared to chemicals
100% Guaranteed or your money back!
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