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                                Aqua Pure Carbon Pre-Filter
                                    Reduces: Organic contaminates, Metals, Iron Rust, Pesticide Residues, Phosphates, Suspended Solids,                                     Trihalomethanes, spores, Chlorine Dioxide.
                                    0.5 Micron Solid Carbon Block
                                    Highest Chemical Absorption
                                    Excellent For Spa Start Up
                                    Maintains Consistent Flow Rate
                                    Maximum Life is 8000 US Gallons

                                Filter Flosser
                                    Designed by a pool & spa owner for pool & spa owners!
                                    Handy on/off switch saves water & fussing.
                                    Comfortable ergonomic hand grip.
                                    100% quality guarantee!
                                    For use with ANY SIZE filter cartridge!
                                    Does not damage cartridge filters as compared to other products on the market.
                                    Manufactured from 100% aluminum
                                    Filter Flosser provides 7x more cleaning area than just a hose alone.
                                    Reduces cleaning time by 50%
                                    Reduces the environmental impact by reducing water usage by 50% +
                                    Ergonomic design
                                    Provides better water quality and filtration by maintaining filter cleanliness.
                                    Reduces cartridge filter replacement through proper maintenance as per OEM
                                    Performance testing shows that Filter Flosser had a greater gallons per minute than all other units tested

                                Filter Soak
                                    This all-natural filter cleaner uses the natural power of enzymes with citrus to clean your filters without the                                     need for harsh chemicals. One capful per one gallon of water. Just let soak 2-3 hours (or longer), then rinse                                     and let air dry. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and 100% safe to all living creatures. Approximately 60                                     capfuls per bottle. Economical.
                                    Lasts up to a year!

                                Full Circle Spa Program
                                    The first & only Earth-Friendly program available. This all natural kit includes everything needed to enjoy a                                     spa or hot tub safely and environmentally.
                                    (1) 16oz - Water Treatment & Conditioner
                                    (1) 16oz - Penetrating Spa Cleanser
                                    (1) 16oz - Filter-Soak
                                    (1) Carbon Block Pre-Filter
                                    (1) 16oz - Sea-Klear all natural clarifier
                                    (1) 1lb - 99% Sodium Dichlor
                                    (1) Pack of (50) Test Strips
                                    Complete Instructions

                                Hot Tub Serum - Step 1
                                    Hot Tub Serum Total Clean System does 4 tasks... A Purge product, surface cleaner, filter cleaner and 6                                     month maintenance product. This is the BEST water mold eliminator on the market!

                                Hot Tub Serum - Step 2
                                    Hot Tub Serum Water Care has been proven to be more effective than other leading water care products                                     and improves your Hot Tub performance and water quality over time!

                                Indulgence Hot Tub Package
                                    (1) Water Treatment & Conditioner
                                    (1) Penetrating Spa Cleanser
                                    (1) Filter-Soak
                                    (1) Pioneer Carbon Pre-filter
                                    (1) 16oz Sea-Klear Clarifier
                                    (1) (50) 4 in 1 Test Strips
                                    (1) Filter-Flosser
                                    (1) Power Blue UV Cover Protectant
                                    (1) 1lb 99% Sodium Dichlor
                                    Complete Instructions

                                Penetrating Spa Cleanser
                                    100% guaranteed to clean away chemical residues and contaminants which have built up deep inside your                                     spa plumbing, fittings and equipment. These chemicals are oxidizers (bromine being the worst) that                                     continuously eat away at spa plumbing, pumps and seals, thus lowering the life expectancy of your spa and                                     decreasing its efficiency. *See older Spa Directions for full information on proper use. We highly recommend                                     using this cleaner first to remove all excess build-up of contaminants in your spa's system. For first time                                     users and the once-a-year deep cleanser. Not necessarily for new spas!

                                Power Blue UV Cover Protectant for Spa Cover
                                    POWER BLUE PROTECTANT is the best of the best, unlike other protectant products, POWER BLUE does                                     not contain silicone oils, waxes, or petroleum distillates. So there is no oily dirt attracting film.
                                    Restores color, luster & shine
                                    Protects from UV fading
                                    Repels water & dirt
                                    Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Bio-Degradable

                                Sea- Klear
                                    Sea-Klear Natural Clarifier
                                    Clarifies Cloudy Water
                                    Removes Excess Metal
                                    Eliminates Oil & Scum
                                    Improves Filter Efficiency
                                    Replaces four other spa chemical products
                                    Saves you Money

                                Sodium Dichlor
                                    The only EPA-registered sanitizer which may be used as a shock as well. This is the only product that                                     dissipates entirely out of your spa water.

                                Starter Kit
                                    One 16oz Water Treatment & Conditioner
                                    One 16oz Penetrating Spa Cleanser
                                    One 16oz Filter-Soak

                                Water Treatment & Conditioner
                                    Keeps spa water clean, clear and soft for up to 3 months. One 16oz bottle treats up to 500 gallon spas.                                     Helps stabilizes pH & Alkalinity. Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth with no odors. Reduces or eliminates the                                     need for additional spa chemicals. Uses the natural power of enzymes to clean and soften water, and                                     eliminates dry skin.

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